Friday, November 5, 2010

Communicaton via the web

I am currently taking a class at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University called Business Communication. I actually thought that it would be one of those classes that you go through without changing your mindset or perspective of things. An example of a class that really changed my perspective was Managerial Economics. Before I took that class, my understanding of economics was basic, but after taking the class I had developed a deeper understanding of the subject matter. The best thing was that I actually enjoyed economics, and that I have been able the concepts to better understand how business work.
My Business Communication class has made a great impact in my life since it has forced me to evaluate myself, and what I communicate to others. As a reaction to what we have learned in class, I decided to start this blog to strengthen my communication skills. I want this to be a forum where I can reflect on personal work as well as evaluate events that occur in the aviation industry. I hope that this blog will communicate who I am and what I stand for, both professionally and personally.
I have also started a Linkedin and Visual CV site, where potential employers and others can view my profile with; resume, cover letter, and references.

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